What we offer.

We are a bespoke tailoring seat covers atelier - ProCovers, offer you to join a successful and really profitable business. Become our partner, develop and earn money together. We have been on the market for more than 5 years. We went through a lot of difficulties and a lot of mistakes. And now that we have become real professionals in our field, we are ready to share our successful business model, show and teach it, and move forward together. Our main task is to accept orders for sewing high-quality car covers made according to the original designs of seats of various car brands.

Can you make money on this?

● Sales are not subject to seasonality. Due to its unique qualities, our eco-leather car covers are sold at any time of the year and in any weather.

● The word of mouth; effect. The car enthusiasts often buy covers for beauty. They are praised by all acquaintances and friends. They, of course, will also want the same awesome salon for themselves! On average, two people come from one buyer. Our record is 6 people on the recommendation of one person.

● Earnings on the installation. Organize a service for installing our car covers!

The average cost of installing the kit is 79 eur - 199 eur. There is no such possibility? Negotiate with car services, car
dealerships, friends, and hire students. This is a very profitable service.

● Lack of competition. The competition is so small in our market that its just stupid not to take advantage of it!

Who needs these covers?
For the convenience in working with advertising campaigns, we have identified several groups of clients with their own legend (the list below can be expanded with Your ideas):

● military;
● taxi drivers;
● hunters;
● dog breeders;
● plumbers;
● young moms/dads;
● grandparents of young moms and dads;
● street racers;
● rich students;
● and many others.

You can see how wide the audience is. You can give each target group its own benefits.

The majority of our customers are owners of:

- new cars who want to protect the interior from external damage using covers;
- used cars who want to upgrade their interior;
- cars who want to make a unique interior design of their car.

Our partner program offers the following services:
Special prices for job production, individual manager for the entire period of cooperation, samples of materials / samples of car cover models.

Why you should start now and with us?

● We are professionals in the production of covers;
● Each set is made manually by professional seamstresses;
● Product defect is excluded.

Profit-making scheme

● Expose goods for sale and arrange the installation of the set;
● Our offer is designed for both car repair shops and car supply stores. The main task is to offer
a product where there are many potential buyers;
● Our car covers sell themselves with exemplary quality, aesthetic appearance and reasonable price.

It is convenient to work with us

● We respond quickly to all your requests (quickly - within a maximum of 2 hours);
● We will arrange delivery to Your country/city
● We constantly update the product range and report all changes.
● We only offer for cities with a population of at least 100,000 people.
● One dealer package is designed for one city (two people from the same city will not be able to sell).
● Sign up now while Your city is still free!

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